I'm just in the process of deploying ikiwiki and I'd love to use it in the html5 mode instead of in XHTML. Any chance that the ikiwiki's .deb in debian backports will be updated any time soon?

Formerer does a good job keeping the backport up-to-date with whatever is in Debian testing. Which is the policy of what Backports should contain. So, I just need to stop releasing ikiwiki for 2 weeks. :) --Joey

And are there any chances you doing it... or rather not doing it?

Sure, I'm busily not doing it right now. Should reach testing in 3 days. I generally schedule things so a new ikiwiki reaches testing every 2 weeks to month. Getting important new features and bugfixes out can take priority though. --Joey

Great! Thanks.

Still not available in the backports; did you break the silence on the wire and got back to work Joey?

I was blinded by my stupidity... thanks!