What is overyone's idea about the ever-growing list of pages in bugs/ etc.? Once linked to done, they're removed from the rendered bugs page -- but they're still present in the repository.

Shouldn't there be some clean-up at some point for those that have been resolved? Or should all of them be kept online forever?


To answer a question with a question, what harm does having the done bugs around cause? At some point in the future perhaps the number of done pages will be large enough to be a time or space concern. Do you think we've reached a point now? One advantage of having them around is that people running older versions of the Ikiwiki software may find the page explaining that the bug is fixed if they perform a search. -- Jon

I like to keep old bugs around. --Joey

So, I guess it depends on whether you want to represent the development of the software (meaning: which bugs are open, which are fixed) (a) in a snapshot of the repository (a checkout; that is, what you see rendered on http://ikiwiki.info/), or (b) if that information is to be contained in the backing repository's revision history only. Both approaches are valid. For people used to using Git for accessing a project's history, (b) is what they're used to, but for those poor souls ;-) that only use a web browser to access this database, (a) is the more useful approach indeed. For me, using Git, it is a bit of a hindrance, as, when doing a full-text search for a keyword on a checkout, I'd frequently hit pages that reported a bug, but are tagged done by now. --tschwinge