As in title, how to align text to the right?

Add to your local.css a class that aligns text to the right:

.alignright { text-align: right; }

And then you just just use <span class="alignright"> around other html.

You can refine that, and allow right-aligning markdowned text by using the template directive, with a template that contains the html. The note template does something similar. --Joey


This is my text with a markdown link.

Here's a second paragraph.

There is more than one way to do it. If format is enabled, then this:

<div class="notebox">
[[!format  mdwn """
This is my text with [a markdown link](#).

Here's a *second* paragraph.

is rendered like the box in this page.

(I'm using the notebox class used by the note template here, but you could use any class.) --smcv

Doing this myself and noted that markdown down does not allow the enclosure of block level elements directly; and thus we cannot switch the span suggested above for div in changing block level elements (not if you wish to include markdown, anyway). For example, I want to create a paragraph (with markdown text) which is right aligned, and so add the following

<span class="right_align">
This is my text with [a markdown link](/)

The correct thing to do here is create a template (as indicated above) but a workaround I found useful was to over-ride the inline nature of the span element, as follows

.align_right { display: block ; text-align: right ; }

you may also like to remove the padding and margins since they will be provided by the enclosing block. -- fergus