Look at these two blogs:

1) http://ciffer.net/~svend/blog/

2) http://upsilon.cc/~zack/blog/

Well, i set up successfully my blog (i am using inline function in a wiki page) but i have manually to insert blog pos titles and the result is that of blog #2. Instead i would like to have blog post titles automatically inserted like blog #1 (and they are links too! I want them that way). I looked in git repo of the two blogs but i couldn't find the answer. Any help would be really appreciated.



Either name the blog post files with the full title you want them to have, or use meta title to set the title of a blog post.

[[!meta title="this is my blog post"]]

Either way, the title will automatically be displayed, clickable, at the top. (zack has hacked his templates not to do that). --Joey

Thanks for your answer.
I looked in the templates folder of zack but couldn't see any hack of that kind.
Anyway, I didn't hack my template...
I will follow your suggestion of using [[ikiwiki/directive/meta]] title to set titles.
Thanks a lot. --Raf