Installation of selected docs (html)

The latest release has around 560 files (over 2MB) in html.

Any suggestions or ideas on limiting what html is installed?

For example, I don't see value in every ikiwiki install out there to also install personal "users" ikiwiki pages.

For now I copy ikiwiki.setup. And then use pax with -L switch to copy the targets of the symlinks of the basewiki.

I was thinking of making a list of desired documents from the html directory to install.


You don't need any of them, unless you want to read ikiwiki's docs locally.

I don't understand why you're installing the basewiki files manually; ikiwiki has a Makefile that will do this for you. --Joey

The Makefile's install doesn't do what I want so I use different installer for it. It assumes wrong location for man pages for me. (And it should consider using INSTALLVENDORMAN1DIR and MAN1EXT but I don't know about section 8 since I don't know of perl value for that.) I don't want w3m cgi installed; it is optional for my package. I will just patch for that instead of using my own installer. Note: I am working on the pkgsrc package build specification for this. This is for creating packages for NetBSD, DragonFly and other systems that use pkgsrc package system. --JeremyReed