I'm confused. I got a plugin working that allows a button to call up a login screen but I can't seem to get it to return to the calling page. I end up on the prefs page.

When the plugin first runs it puts the http_referer into a param:

$session->param("postsignin" => $ENV{HTTP_REFERER} );

Then when it runs for postsignin its supposed to pull it out and send the user to the original page:

my $page=$q->param("postsignin");
IkiWiki::redirect($q, $page);

Full code is available on the plugin page: justlogin.

I searched the site and there's very little info available for postsignin or redirect. Perhaps I'm using the wrong function?

I don't know why you end up on the prefs page. Have you tried looking inside the session database to see what postsignin parameter is stored?

But, cgi_postsignin() assumes it can directly pass the postsignin cgi parameter into cgi(). You're expecting it to redirect to an url, and it just doesn't do that. Although I have considered adding a redirect there, just so that openid login info doesn't appear in the url after signin (which breaks eg, reload). That would likely still not make your code work, since the value of postsignin is a url query string, not a full url.

I'd suggest you put a do=goto redirect into postsignin. --Joey