For a while I've been wondering how to use a communication channel which can be accessed both by e-mail and web interface, while using ikiwiki's git repo. There are solutions like Drupal which can combine mailing lists and a forum, but then you lose the ikiwiki integration.

So I had an idea:

What if an ikiwiki server subscribes to a mailing list, and automatically posts under a "forum" page (like the forum here) every time it gets a new e-mail? And when someone posts a new entry using git or the web UI, it can send an e-mail to the mailing list! (perhaps mark it somehow to avoid an infinite loop)

Does something like this make sense? It can work not only with e-mail but also with other forum tools (e.g. Syndie). Are there any critical synchronization issues I'm missing? If not, I'd like to suggest this as a feature and add this to my todo list :-)

Currently I have mail and forum separate, and I'd like to integrate them. If I get positive feedback, I'll start working on it at some point (soon, I hope).

-- fr33domlover