I am thinking of adding pagination to the report plugin, but I'm not sure which is the best approach to take. (By "pagination" I mean breaking up a report into multiple pages with N entries per page.)


  1. generate additional HTML files on the fly which are placed in the sub-directory for the page the report is on. These are not "pages", they are not under revision control, they aren't in the %pagesources hash etc. But using the will_render mechanism assures that they will be removed when they are no longer needed.

  2. create new pages which each have a report directive which shows a subset of the full result; add them to revision control, treat them as full pages. Problems with this are: (a) trying to figure out when to create these new pages and when not to, (b) whether or not these pages can be deleted automatically.

  3. some other approach I haven't thought of.

I'm afraid that whatever approach I take, it will end up being a kludge.

Well, it should be perfectly fine, and non-kludgy for a single page to generate multiple html files. Just make sure that html files have names that won't conflict with the html files generated by some other page.

Of course the caveat is that since such files are not pages, you won't be able to use wikilinks to link directly to them, etc. --Joey