My ikiwiki setup file configed like:

usedirs => 0,
indexpages => 1,

I create a directory and some .mdwn source file /Whatis/index.mdwn and /Whatis/OSS.mdwn . The html file ikiwiki generated is /Whatis/index.html and /Whatis/OSS.html .

But in the page OSS.html , the auto generated link (on the page top) to “Whatis” is /Whatis.html file , not to /Whatis/index.html. So the link to “Whatis” is fail .

Is it a bug , and how can I do for that ?

I suggest that you name your page Whatis.mdwn, and not Whatis/index.mdwn. That will make ikiwiki's links work, and allows you to link to the Whatis page by that name. --Joey