I'd like to have the wiki name appear in page titles as in "WikiName: Page Title." If I use <TMPL_VAR WIKINAME>: <TMPL_VAR TITLE> in the template this works for all pages except the index page itself which will have title "WikiName: WikiName" as its title. Does anyone know of a template-based solution to this or do I need to write a plugin that provides a IS_HOMEPAGE template variable? --JasonBlevins

Hmm, one way to work around this is to put a meta title directive on the index page. Then TITLE will be that, rather than WIKINAME, and your template should work. --Joey

I ended up writing a path plugin since I had some other path-specific conditional things to include in my templates.

So now I can do things like this:


But also more complicated path-specific conditionals like IN_DIR_SUBDIR to indicate subpages of /dir/subdir/. I've got a few other small plugins brewing so I'll try to put up some contrib pages for them soon. --JasonBlevins

I used the following trick in some page.tmpl: