How to insert an image?

I have goodstuff; I don't have img disabled.

I used

[[!img  utah-2006-100-180.png]]




[[!img  utah-2006-100-180.png link=no]]

But it doesn't show the image file I already put in that directory. I can access the file by directly going to it in my browser. I want to see it on my wiki page.

It does show a clickable question mark for ikiwiki.cgi?page=utah-2006-100-180.png&from=roadtrips&do=create

-- JeremyReed

The question mark means ikiwiki does not know about your image. It sounds as if you may have copied it onto your web server's public_html type directory manually. For ikiwiki to know about it, you need to put it in ikiwiki's srcdir with the rest of the wiki content, or you could upload it with the Edit -> Attachment web interface.

To display an image that is really legitimately not part of the wiki, you can't use a directive, but you can insert <img> html if you really want to. --Joey

I have a local copy of the Git page. After installing the imagemagick-perl package some of the elements display and others are missing including the page outlines with turned corners and all of the yellow folders. Ideas?

-- ?RonParker

Percentage size

Would like an image to occupy 50% of the page width. Is this available? With what syntax? --svetlana