Things can get messy if you have enabled the global sidebar setting and you browse the ikiwiki/directive/* pages. You will get the content of ikiwiki/directive/sidebar as a sidebar to all the directives page... I have emptied the sidebar.mdwn page on our wiki to work around that, but isn't this a bug? --anarcat

Another reason to dislike the global sidebar option and wish it didn't exist, as if I didn't have a dozen already. However, renaming this page does not seem like an appropriate fix; adding cruft to every directive/ page to force the sidebar off does not seem like an appropriate fix; this leaves only special casing the plugin to not treat this page as a sidebar, but that's disgusting. --Joey

Yep, this all sounds wrong... Maybe we could add a global "sidebar exclusion" pattern? Or reverse, allow customizing what name the global sidebar functionality is looking for? For example, we could look for globalsidebar.mdwn page instead of just sidebar.mdwn? --anarcat