Tags in HTML pages

http://rhombus-tech.net is an ikiwiki site where the hardware development is expanding: there are now four hardware projects each of which has its own news page. For convenience (putting in images for example), the pages have to use HTML not markdown or any other non-HTML format.

However as there are quite a lot of them it would make sense to have an overview page saying "news reports", and that page to be auto-generated because every individual news page is tagged.

... except the news pages are written in HTML, not any markup language into which a tag can be placed.

question: what is the directive which allows an HTML page to have embedded within it a markup "tag"?

You can use the tag directive in .html pages, just like in .mdwn pages. This is if you're using the default html plugin. If you instead use the rawhtml plugin, ikiwiki just copies your html files and directives in them won't work. --Joey