Do you think it might prove useful to categorize these sites into "personal sites and blogs" and "project sites"? To some extent this page exists to promote ikiwiki and show its popularity, and those two categories contribute to ikiwiki's popularity in different ways. Personal sites and blogs primarily contribute through sheer numbers ($BIGNUM personal sites and blogs use ikiwiki), while project sites primarily contribute based on their own notability (UK Software Patents Info uses ikiwiki; the ion site uses ikiwiki). Burying the project sites in with the rest tends to make people less likely to notice them and remark on their notability. --JoshTriplett

Great idea. --Joey

Where can I get a webhost for ikiwiki? Could someone tell me? I am very much interested in ikiwiki yet My server does not support some Perl Modules that ikiwiki requires. So did some of you try install ikiwiki on DREAMHOST? Or any suggestion where can I get a host which supports ikiwiki? Thanks, --?Chao

I think that most users of ikiwiki are using it on servers they fully control, or xen instances, or things like that. Some users with static sites that don't need web editing might build them on their own machine, and upload to a webhost service.

For getting it working on Dreamhost, it seems to me that if you can install ikiwiki, which is mostly a bunch of perl modules, it must be possible to install other perl modules also. I'm not a Dreamhost user, so I don't know how though. What perl modules are missing? --Joey

Thanks for the reply Joey! ikiwiki is a fantastic wiki complier, though I do not have my own machine momentarily, i will pay close attention to its development. Hopefully I will be one of the ikiwiki users one day :) cheers --?Chao

Are there automated hosting sites for ikiwiki yet? If you know one, can you add one in a new section on ikiwikiusers please? If you don't know any and you're willing to pay to set one up (shouldn't be much more expensive than a single ikiwiki IMO), contact me and let's talk. -- MJR

People who have interests in getting a webhost for ikiwiki may have a look at this site. -- weakish