3.20091017 news item removed?

Hi! Why have you removed the item for 3.20091017? Perhaps, it's an error, isn't it? The corresponding code AFAIU is still there. --Ivan Z.

I always remove old news items when making a new release. The info is still there in the changelog if needed. --Joey

Ikiwiki 3.12

Joey, what about news for Ikiwiki 3.12? The changelog says is has been released 6 days ago... :) --Paweł

Ikiwiki 2.14

Hi Joey! Where can I find the source package for ikiwiki 2.14? I rather prefer wget than git to download it :) I've just checked Debian page of ikiwiki source package and it seems that it still contains older version 2.13. I didn't found the latest version at http://incoming.debian.org/ too. --Paweł

2.14 is at the url you cited now. --Joey

Thanks! I can confirm it :) I'm curious what a reason of "delay" is? The sources were accepted in unstable 2 days ago... Please forgive me if it's a stupid question, but I don't know how exactly it works in Debian project. --Paweł

After I upload, ikiwiki is not pushed out to the mirrors until the twice-daily mirror sync. After that, packages.debian.org has to run its update. I'm not sure what the timing of that is, it seems to be somewhat slower than the mirror sync, and also more subject to breaking from time to time. --Joey

Thank you for the explanation! :) --Paweł