Why Git?

I'm very curious about the main reasons of your leaving Subversion and moving ikiwiki to Git. Are there only easier way to maintain and submit patches for ikiwiki? It's very interesting for me, because I know you are long-time Subversion user and very experienced with it.

I know that Git is very "trendy" SCM these days, but I don't understand the hype about it. This's not only one distributed SCM on the free/open source world. Maybe that model of work is better for you, but then you can use also Darcs, Mercurial, Bazaar or SVK :)


You forgot monotoone. :-)

Of those, only mercurial monotone and git have support in ikiwiki, and the git support seems most mature and is definitely used by the most sites.

I don't consider which rcs is used a permanant or particularly significant decision. I switched to svn with the express idea that sometime (I figured within 10 years, it turned out to be 3), there would be something better, with excellent conversion tools from svn.

At the moment, I'm happy with git, and it's definitely useful to not have to worry about who derserves commit access to ikiwiki, or about next summer's soc students (if we participate again) having to go through the ad-hoc mess this year's did to contribute.

Being able to git-am < doc/todo/patch.mdwn is also potentially pretty neat. ;-)


Haha, I've also forgotten Arch and Superversion and probably a lot of another exotic SCMs ;)

OK, Ikiwiki is your project, so you're the boss here ;)

BTW, what do you think about migration of Debian projects from svn.debian.org to git.debian.org? Is a good idea to use a few SCM servers by Debian?