I think that I have logged in using openid! But I think the login page could use some adjustemnts.

Perhaps the openid stuff should be seperate, unless I was supposed to login as well. Also have I just created an account on this wiki as well?

The idea is that you fill in one or the other but not both. If it's switched to only openid, it's much clearer, since the username/password/register stuff disappears from the form.

If both login methods are enabled, it's limited to using one form for both though...

By signing in with openid, you have created an account on the wiki; you can configure it to eg, subscribe your email address to changes to pages. --Joey

OK, my openid login works too. One question though, is there a setup parameter which controls whether new registrations are permitted at all? For instance, I'm thinking that I'd like to use the wiki format for content, but I don't want it editable by anyone who isn't already set up. Does this work? --Tim Lavoie

How to ban an IP address?

There is a way to ban ikiwiki users, but how to ban an IP address? For example if a bitchy anonymous is bombing our poll. I can use only Apache/iptables rules for this? Maybe it's related to ACL request? --Paweł

Well, the polls are not something I would worry about much. I do plan to add_IP_range_banning, although I expect to wait until there's a demonstrated need. --Joey

Heh, do you really want a lot of spam of me? ;)

It was only an example of banning reason. Recently I've read about problems of Wikipedia with the vandals from Qatar. They demolished Qatar Wikipedia pages and the admins of Wikipedia had to ban all IP addresses of that country (fortunately Qatar has only one ISP). --Paweł

Error voting

Error: /srv/web/ikiwiki.info/todo/Configurable_minimum_length_of_log_message_for_web_edits/index.html independently created, not overwriting with version from todo/Configurable_minimum_length_of_log_message_for_web_edits


Logging Out

If I've logged in by OpenID, how do I log out? I don't see any logout button anywhere on IkiWiki. (is it because I hit "forever" for my OpenID authorization duration?)

No, it's because it's on the preferences page! That's somewhat non-obvious...

This is a problem with having a static wiki. If I just put "Logout" as an action on every page, that will look weird if you're not logged in. --Joey

Even if IkiWiki does let me log out, how do I stay logged out? Let's say I'm using a kiosk. What's to prevent someone else from hitting my OpenID service right after I've walked away? My OpenID service will just auth the login again, won't it? --sabr (behavior seems to vary... does it depend on the OpenID service? guess I have some docs to read.)

If you're at a kiosk, you'll need to log out of your openid provider too. Or use a provider that doesn't use cookies to keep you logged in. (Or don't check the box that makes your provider set a cookie when you log in.)

AFAIK openid doesn't have single signoff capabilities yet. --Joey

I'm having a problem using my preferred openid. I have http://thewordnerd.info configured as a delegate to thewordnerd.myopenid.com. It works fine on Lighthouse, Slicehost and everywhere else I've used it. Here, though, if I use the delegate I'm sent to my openid identity URL on myopenid.com. If I use the identity URL directly, I get the verification page.

Is my delegation broken in some way that works for all these other apps but which fails here? Or is something broken in Ikiwiki's implementation?

I guess this is the same issue filed by you at OpenID delegation fails on my server --Joey

Yes. I'd only recently set up my server as a delegate under wordpress, so still thought that perhaps the issue was on my end. But I'd since used my delegate successfully elsewhere, so I filed it as a bug against ikiwiki.

Pretty Painless

I just tried logging it with OpenID and it Just Worked. Pretty painless. If you want to turn off password authentication on ikiwiki.info, I say go for it. --blipvert

I doubt I will. The new login interface basically makes password login and openid cooexist nicely. --Joey

LiveJournal openid

One caveat to the above is that, of course, OpenID is a distributed trust system which means you do have to think about the trust aspect. A case in point is livejournal.com whose OpenID implementation is badly broken in one important respect: If a LiveJournal user deletes his or her journal, and a different user registers a journal with the same name (this is actually quite a common occurrence on LiveJournal), they in effect inherit the previous journal owner's identity. LiveJournal does not even have a mechanism in place for a remote site even to detect that a journal has changed hands. It is an extremely dodgy situation which they seem to have no intention of fixing, and the bottom line is that the "identity" represented by a username.livejournal.com token should not be trusted as to its long-term uniqueness. Just FYI. --blipvert

Submitting bugs in the OpenID components will be difficult if OpenID must be working first...

Privacy and Decentralization

Maybe I don't understand OpenID well enough, but it looks like there are just few providers, most of which are huge companies or belong to such, and I don't trust them to verify me identity or to not track all my logins. I'll use OpenID only if I can make my own home server be my OpenID provider, and if doing so doesn't interfere with the design and security and privacy of OpenID, and doesn't require me to use centrally-signed certificates or pay to some company or anything like that.

Is it possible to use OpenID in a way keeping the user in full control and allowing any user to have their personal provider without damaging the architecture behind OpenID?

I'm worried, at least until the issue is cleared.

-- fr33domlover

You can install an OpenID provider on your own server and use that if you wish. I believe you will need an SSL certificate that ikiwiki.info trusts. -- Jon

This poll is now 8 years old. Do we have enough data to make a decision? Can we consider adding open=no to the poll? -- Jon

I vote against disabling password logins until my OpenID will work on ikiwiki.info! See troubleshooting. -- Chap