ikiwiki 3.20190228 released with these changes

  • aggregate: Use LWPx::ParanoidAgent if available. Previously blogspam, openid and pinger used this module if available, but aggregate did not. This prevents server-side request forgery or local file disclosure, and mitigates denial of service when slow "tarpit" URLs are accessed. (CVE-2019-9187)
  • blogspam, openid, pinger: Use a HTTP proxy if configured, even if LWPx::ParanoidAgent is installed. Previously, only aggregate would obey proxy configuration. If a proxy is used, the proxy (not ikiwiki) is responsible for preventing attacks like CVE-2019-9187.
  • aggregate, blogspam, openid, pinger: Do not access non-http, non-https URLs. Previously, these plugins would have allowed non-HTTP-based requests if LWPx::ParanoidAgent was not installed. Preventing file URIs avoids local file disclosure, and preventing other rarely-used URI schemes like gopher mitigates request forgery attacks.
  • aggregate, openid, pinger: Document LWPx::ParanoidAgent as strongly recommended. These plugins can request attacker-controlled URLs in some site configurations.
  • blogspam: Document LWPx::ParanoidAgent as desirable. This plugin doesn't request attacker-controlled URLs, so it's non-critical here.
  • blogspam, openid, pinger: Consistently use cookiejar if configured. Previously, these plugins would only obey this configuration if LWPx::ParanoidAgent was not installed, but this appears to have been unintended.
  • po: Always filter .po files. The po plugin in previous ikiwiki releases made the second and subsequent filter call per (page, destpage) pair into a no-op, apparently in an attempt to prevent recursive filtering (which as far as we can tell can't happen anyway), with the undesired effect of interpreting the raw .po file as page content (e.g. Markdown) if it was inlined into the same page twice, which is apparently something that tails.org does. Simplify this by deleting the code that prevented repeated filtering. Thanks, intrigeri (Closes: #911356)

ikiwiki 3.20170111.1 was also released, backporting the LWP-related changes from 3.20190228 to the branch used in Debian 9 'stretch'.