Plugin: blogspam
Author: Joey
Included in ikiwiki: yes
Enabled by default: no
Included in goodstuff: no
Currently enabled: yes

This plugin adds antispam support to ikiwiki, using the API. Both page edits and comment postings can be checked for spam. Page edits that appear to contain spam will be rejected; comments that look spammy will be stored in a queue for moderation by an admin.

To check for and moderate comments, log in to the wiki as an admin, go to your Preferences page, and click the "Comment Moderation" button.

The plugin requires the JSON perl module. The LWPx::ParanoidAgent Perl module is recommended, although this plugin can also fall back to LWP.

You can control how content is tested via the blogspam_options setting. The list of options is here. By default, the options are configured in a way that is appropriate for wiki content. This includes turning off some of the more problematic tests. An interesting option for testing is fail, by setting it (e.g., blogspam_options => 'fail'), all comments will be marked as SPAM, so that you can check whether the interaction with works.

The blogspam_pagespec setting is a PageSpec that can be used to configure which pages are checked for spam. The default is to check all edits. If you only want to check comments (not wiki page edits), set it to "postcomment(*)". Posts by admins are never checked for spam.

By default, the server is used to do the spam checking. To change this, the blogspam_server option can be set to the url for a different server implementing the same API. Note that content is sent unencrypted over the internet to the server, and the server sees the full text of the content.