It would be nice if the "month" type calendar could collect all of the matching pages on a given date in some inline type way. --DavidBremner

I agree, but I have not come up with good html to display them. Seems it might need some sort of popup.

Is it possible to get the calendar to link to pages based not on their timestamp (as I understand that it does now, or have I misunderstood this?) and instead on for example their location in a directory hierarchy. That way the calendar could be used as a planning / timeline device which I think would be great. --Alexander

I would like the ability to specify relative previous months. This way I could have a sidebar with the last three months by specifying no month, then 'month="-1"' and 'month="-2"'. Negative numbers for the month would otherwise be invalid, so this shouldn't produce any conflicts with expected behavior. (Right?) -- StevenBlack

Great idea! Just implemented that and also relative years. --Joey

Anyone know of a way to generate a link to the previous and next calendar pages for archive browsing? In the worst case, that requires regenerating pages on either side of the current one when something is inserted in the history, and I can't quite figure that much out. --JasonRiedy

Well, the calendar directive puts such links on the calendars. They're the arrows to either side of the month or year at the top. --Joey

Thanks. I either missed them or they appeared on an upgrade. I might make them a bit more obvious with "Previous Month" / "Next Month" links above and below the text. Someday.--JasonRiedy