Plugin: gallery
Author: arpitjain
Included in ikiwiki: no
Enabled by default: no
Included in goodstuff: no
Currently enabled: no

This plugin would create a nice looking gallery of the images. It has been build over the img plugin in Ikiwiki

GIT repo of the plugin is located at

USAGE : [[!gallery imagedir="images" option="value"]]

Available options :
* imagedir(required) => Directory containing images. It will scan all the files with jpg|png|gif extension from the directory and will put it in the gallery.
* thumbnailsize(optional,Default=200x200) => Size of the thumbnail that you want to generate for the gallery.
* resize(optional, Default=>800x600) => Width and Height to resize image to. resize="0" for turning resizing off.
* alt(optional) => If image can not be displayed, it will display the text contained in alt argument.
* cols(optional,Default=3) => Number of columns of thumbnails that you want to generate.
* rows(optional, Default=>3) => Number of Rows on a gallery page.
* title(optional) => Title of the gallery.
* sort(optional) => "asc" or "desc" . You can sort in ascending or descending order of names of images.
* vcs(optional,Default=1) => This value decides whether to put the images out of IkiWiki's tree. If you set vcs=0, then you can specify a directory outside IkiWiki tree also to lookup. In that case you can also give absolute link of the image directory.
* exif(optional, Default=>0) => Specify whether to Display exif information or not.

Additionaly, you can put Comment file filename.comm in image directory where filename is name of the image. Comments would then be displayed in the gallery.

Features of the Gallery Plugin:
* You can go the next image by clicking on the right side of the image or by pressing 'n'.
* Similary, you can go the previous image by clicking on the left side of the image or by pressing 'p'.
* Press esc to close the gallery.
* While on image, nearby images are preloaded in the background, so as to make the browsing fast.

It uses templated named Lightbox. For any feedback or query, feel free to mail me at arpitjain11 [AT]

Additional details are available here.

That link is broken. --JosephTurian

-- arpitjain