Plugin: getfield
Author: rubykat
Included in ikiwiki: no
Enabled by default: no
Included in goodstuff: no
Currently enabled: no


IkiWiki::Plugin::getfield - query the values of fields


# activate the plugin
add_plugins => [qw{goodstuff getfield ....}],


This plugin provides a way of querying the meta-data (data fields) of a page inside the page content (rather than inside a template) This provides a way to use per-page structured data, where each page is treated like a record, and the structured data are fields in that record. This can include the meta-data for that page, such as the page title.

This plugin is meant to be used in conjunction with the field plugin.


One can get the value of a field by using special markup in the page. This does not use directive markup, in order to make it easier to use the markup inside other directives. There are four forms:

  • {{$fieldname}}

    This queries the value of fieldname for the source page.

    For example:

      [[!meta  title="My Long and Complicated Title With Potential For Spelling Mistakes"]]
      # {{$title}}

    When the page is processed, this will give you:

      <h1>My Long and Complicated Title With Potential For Spelling Mistakes</h1>
  • {{$pagename#fieldname}}

    This queries the value of fieldname for the page pagename.

    For example:

    On PageFoo:

    [[!meta title="I Am Page Foo"]]

    Stuff about Foo.

    On PageBar:

    For more info, see [[{{$PageFoo#title}}|PageFoo]].

    When PageBar is displayed:

    <p>For more info, see <a href="PageFoo">I Am Page Foo</a>.</p>

  • {{+$fieldname+}}

    This queries the value of fieldname for the destination page; that is, the value when this page is included inside another page.

    For example:

    On PageA:

      [[!meta  title="I Am Page A"]]
      # {{+$title+}}
      Stuff about A.

    On PageB:

      [[!meta  title="I Am Page B"]]
      [[!inline  pagespec="PageA"]]

    When PageA is displayed:

      <h1>I Am Page A</h1>
      <p>Stuff about A.</p>

    When PageB is displayed:

      <h1>I Am Page B</h1>
      <p>Stuff about A.</p>
  • {{+$pagename#fieldname+}}

    This queries the value of fieldname for the page pagename; the only difference between this and {{$pagename#fieldname}} is that the full name of pagename is calculated relative to the destination page rather than the source page.

    I can't really think of a reason why this should be needed, but this format has been added for completeness.


Getfield markup can be escaped by putting a backwards slash \ in front of the markup. If that is done, then the markup is displayed as-is.

No Value Found

If no value is found for the given field, then the field name is returned.

For example:

On PageFoo:

[[!meta  title="Foo"]]
My title is {{$title}}.

My description is {{$description}}.

When PageFoo is displayed:

<p>My title is Foo.</p>

<p>My description is description.</p>

This is because "description" hasn't been defined for that page.

More Examples

Listing all the sub-pages of the current page:

[[!map  pages="{{$page}}/*"]]