Plugin: jscalendar
Author: Louis
Included in ikiwiki: no
Enabled by default: no
Included in goodstuff: no
Currently enabled: no


Jscalendar is a javascript equivalent to the calendar plugin.


Here are some differences compared to this latter plugin.

  • Pros
    • No need to rebuild the page containing the calendar each time day changes, or a page (indexed by the calendar) is added, changed or deleted. This is particularly useful if you want to have this calendar in the sidebar.
    • Smooth navigation among months.
  • Cons
    • Javascript :( .


Examples of directive

[[!jscalendar  type="month" ]]

[[!jscalendar  type="month" archivebase="calendar"]]

[[!jscalendar  type="month" year=2014 month=08 pages="posts/* and !posts/*"]]

[[!jscalendar  type="month" year=-1 month=08]]

Setup file

This plugin uses the options used by the calendar plugin:

'archivebase' => "archive",
'archive_pagespec' => "posts/* and ! posts/*/*",
'week_start_day' => 1,
'month_link' => 1,

The archivebase and archive_pagespec can be overloaded by the very same options of the directive.


You can see this plugin in action on our website.

Code and documentation can be found here :

-- Louis