Plugin: mathjax
Author: Baldur Kristinsson
Included in ikiwiki: no
Enabled by default: no
Included in goodstuff: no
Currently enabled: no

The mathjax plugin, available on GitHub, provides easy MathJax support for ikiwiki.


  • No change needed to page.tmpl
  • Javascript is only loaded on pages which need it.
  • Both inline and display math are supported.
  • Unlike the pandoc plugin or a solution based on editing page.tmpl, no irritating conflicts with the smiley plugin.
  • Unlike the pandoc plugin, it is easy to use in shared hosting or other environments where you have difficulty in installing extra software (beyond Perl modules, obviously).

However, if you need the power of Pandoc, such as bibliography support or pdf generation, then that is probably the better option for you.