How is this better than creating an inline with rootpage set, which creates a similar new page form? I sometimes make the inline match nothing, while still creating pages, in the odd cases where I have a map or such displaying the pages. --Joey

I wanted something that would automatically be available on every page, but only when editing was enabled. One of the sites I maintain as webmaster ( has a two-stage publication process. The "working" site is on an internal server, where it is set up as a wiki that authorized users in the company can edit. When they're satisfied with the changes they've made, the "working" site gets pushed (with git) to the "production" site, which is on a different server. The ikiwiki setup for the production site has editing completely disabled, because it is the site which is exposed to the outside world. For that site, I want all sign that it's a wiki to be hidden. Therefore using an inline directive would be unsuitable.