I'd like to include this in ikiwiki. Using vim for syntax highlighting is suprising to me, but it seems to work great. Would it be possible to license it the same as the rest of ikiwiki (GPL) instead of dragging in the perl license?

Yes, no problem. I'm writing the next version. --VictorMoral

Text::VimColor will need to be added to Debian..

It looks to me like the file parameter is a security hole, since it allows inclusion of arbitrary files into the wiki, including ones outside of the wiki source tree. I think this option should either be removed, or be limited to reading files inside the wiki source tree. If it's retained it should also add an appropriate dependency on the included file.

You are right, Joey. I didn't think on it because i don't use the cgi mode. :-) I'm working on it. --VictorMoral


It looks like the author of Text::VimColor has already made a Debian package. I've contacted him, but no answer back yet. --?Roktas

Meanwhile i've got a debian package for Text::VimColor in my repository. --VictorMoral