I've installed Text::WikiCreole 0.05 and enabled the plugin, but I get an error when rebuilding the wiki: Undefined subroutine &IkiWiki::Plugin::creole::creole_custombarelinks called at /usr/pkg-20080723/lib/perl5/vendor_perl/5.8.0/IkiWiki/Plugin/creole.pm line 23. Is there a newer Text::WikiCreole I'm not finding online? -- schmonz

There's a patch in the debian package of libtext-wikicreole-perl that adds that option. I'm not sure what the status of it being released upstream is, though IIRC I was assured it would not be a problem. --Joey

I've added the patch to pkgsrc as well. Thanks. --schmonz

Currently the creole plugin is included in ikiwiki but the ikiwiki deb (3.0.3) doesn't suggests libtext-wikicreole-perl. Why? --weakish

forgot, done now --Joey

External Links

I'm moving over a really stinkingly old UseMod and creole seems the nearest match. I've worked out that Bare /Subpage links need to become [[Subpage]], and Top/Sub links need to be [[Top/Sub]] (or [[Top/Sub|Top/Sub]], to display in exactly the same way), but I'm stuck on generic hyperlinks. The creole cheat sheet says I should be able to do [[http://url.path/foo|LinkText]], but that comes out as a link to create the "linktext" page, and Markdown-style [Link Text](http://url.path/foo) just gets rendered as is. Any suggestions? --schmonz

Was this problem ever solved? -- Thiana

Not by me. If I were looking at the problem now, with fresh eyes, I'd probably bite the bullet and just convert everything to Markdown. --schmonz