How to only have editpage link when admin is logged in? Or on secret page?

I saw Allow disabling edit and preferences links but not sure if that is what I want.

I want to have edit links to maintain site. (I am currently manually using vi and cvs on server or pasting in ikiwiki.cgi to browser location bar.) But I do not want the regular (non-admin) visitors to see the edit link.

Any suggestions?

Can two different websites be regenerated at the same time? Or is there any CSS or other template magic I can use to selectively show the EDITURL?

I do have a secret page that I use to add new blog entry (postform).

-- JeremyReed

You can have two different sites if you want, and perhaps push from the "edit" site to the main site. See laptop wiki with git for example.

There has been talk about finding a way to hide the edit links from users who are not logged in sufficiently to be able to edit, using javascript, but nothing yet.

Ikiwiki puts x-wiki headers on pages, and these can be used by plugins at, then you can disable the edit links. --Joey