I've reviewed this plugin's code, and there is one major issue with it, namely this line:

system("hnb '$params{page}.hnb' 'go root' 'export_html $tmp' > /dev/null");

This could potentially allow execution of artibtary shell code, if the filename contains a single quote.

  • Fixed with version 0.02 by usage of $params{content} -- XTaran

Which ikiwiki doesn't allow by default, but I prefer to never involve a shell where one is not needed. The otl plugin is a good example of how to safely fork a child process without involving the shell.

  • Had a look at that one as example before writing the hnb plugin, but hnb has different input/output characteristics. I would prefer another solution, too, but as long as it works and is secure, I'm fine with the current (fixed :-) ) solution -- XTaran.

Other problems:

  • Use of shell mktemp from perl is suboptimal. File::Temp would be better.
    • Fixed with version 0.02 -- XTaran
  • The htmlize hook should not operate on the contents of $params{page}.hnb. The content that needs to be htmlized is passed in to the hook in $params{content}.
    • Fixed with version 0.02 -- XTaran

If these problems are resolved and a copyright statement is added to the file,

  • Copyright Statement is in their for about a month. -- XTaran

I'd be willing to include this plugin in ikiwiki. --Joey