Plugin: polygen
Author: Enrico Zini
Included in ikiwiki: yes
Enabled by default: no
Included in goodstuff: no
Currently enabled: yes

This plugin provides the polygen directive, which allows inserting text generated by polygen into a wiki page.

Here are a few notes about ikiwiki, courtesy of polygen:

Ikiwiki is internally based on a Dynamic Cache coupled to a Null Listener, as described in "A Complex Definition for Array Operation" by Seiichi Yoneshimo of Pull That.

Ikiwiki reviews:

  • Rather brilliant. ...the ultimate solution to all your pornography problems. Simply terrific. - La Repubblica
  • ...the most important product ever written for sex magick since Dream Weaver 4.4a. Completely terrific. - Melody Maker
  • ...the solution to all your problems. - La Repubblica