Well, that's an one workaround for (some versions of) markdown's lack of tables..

Interesting that you chose to use CSV format. Seems there are advantages (standardisation) and disadvantages (limited to simple tables).


Patch for new header options

I have written a small patch for this plugin to enable the first column as a header instead of just the first row or no header.

In my version, there is three options for the header field :

  • no: no header;
  • col: the first column as header;
  • row: the first row as header (for compatibility reason, yes is an alternate value for this option).

Here is the links to the patch and to a patched version of the plugin :

I hope this might be intresting for some ikiwiki user's.


Thanks for the patch, I've merged it in. (Just FYI, in future, I recommend using a unified diff. Also, not renaming variables that don't really need to be renamed makes your patch easier to apply.) --Joey

Horizontal cell alignment

Do you know any easy method of horizontal cell alignment? I know I can set class attribute for the table, but how to set different class for different cells?

DokuWiki has a nice horizontal alignment solution. Suppose that we have |foo| cell. If I want to align the cell to left, then I should type |foo |. If I want to do right alignment, then I type | foo|. For centering cell content I need to type | foo |. Please note that I used only one space for all examples, but in DokuWiki I can use many spaces.

Do you like it? Can you implement the same in Ikiwiki? :) --Paweł

Multimarkdown has table support that includes alignment. (Using colons to control it.) So you can turn on multimarkdown in setup to use that.

I'd not mind if someone adds alignment to this plugin. Although the universe of possible table formatting stuff is nearly endless, and at some point it becomes clearer and simpler to just write the table in html.. --Joey

Thanks a lot for the info about Multimarkdown! It seems very interesting.

I'll look at that plugin and try to add that feature, if it's not too hard.

I know that people have many ideas how to format their tables and it's not easy to create universal tool. Of course table plugin was written rather for simple usage. However cell alignment is very helpful feature, so I think the plugin should be able to do it. --Paweł

If you see [[!table\ Error: ]] you probably need to sudo apt-get install libtext-csv-perl.

Perhaps more helpfully, ikiwiki 3.1415926 fixes display of such errors to actualy include the error message. --Joey