I'd like to modify this plugin such that the tag pages are automatically created and populated with a list of relevant posts. The content of the tag page is simply "[[!inline pages="link(tag/$tag)"]]. The tag plugin will have to determine whether a page for the given tag already exists, and if not use that Markdown fragment to generate it.

There are clearly many ways to do this, but any opinions on which is the cleanest?


It might work to use the 'change' hook, since that's called at the very end of refresh(). The hook could add the tag pages and re-run refresh(), taking appropriate care to avoid looping forever.


Thanks. That works fine.


@Ben: could you publish the code for that?

--David Riebenbauer

AOLMODE=true echo "I too would really like this feature, which would make cgi free life much better" --DavidBremner

Please make the actual text used a template some way or another. I may want map instead of inline. --madduck

See auto-create tag pages according to a template

-- Jeremy Schultz jeremy.schultz@uleth.ca

tag_autocreate can now enable this. --Joey

Auto-remove tag pages?

When zero pages are tagged with a particular tag, its page could be auto-removed. Would that make sense? Doesn't look like this is already implemented. --?svetlana