What license do themes need to have for distribution?

Could someone specify what license the themes need to have to get distributed in ikiwiki or Debian? The current included theme seem to be under the GPLv2. Does the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License also work. This way a lot of free CSS templates could be included, e. g. from freecsstemplates.org. --PaulePanter

Paule, I'd love it if you did that! The only hard requirement on themes included in ikiwiki is that they need to be licensed with a DFSG compatable license. CC-BY-SA 3.0 is DFSG; CC-BY is apparently being accepted by Debian too.

As a soft requirement, I may exersise some discretion about themes that require obtrusive attributions links be included on every page of a site using the theme. While probably DFSG, that adds a requirement that ikiwiki itself does not require. --Joey

Once one has enabled the 'theme' plugin in the setup file, how does one use themes?

Choose one of the themes which are bundled with ikiwiki and configure ikiwiki to use it by setting this in your setup file, eg.

    theme => 'blueview',

-- AdamShand

How to enable properly?

So I added "theme" to my config file's "add_plugins" directive, and uncommented the "theme: actiontabs" line. I then ran "ikwiki --setup wiki.setup" and... no change on reload.

I'm on Ubuntu 16.04. Any idea what I'm doing wrong? --STrRedWolf

my theming issue solved.

take a look at How to use themes? --azzamsa