Nested plugins

Is it possible to use another plugin into your toggle plugin? For example, I want to have toggleable table and try to use Victor Moral's table plugin, but no success. How can I do it? --PTecza

Yes, you can nest preprocessor directives. However, due to the issues discussed here, it's not currently supported to nest multiple levels of the same quotes. --Joey

Thanks a lot for the fast reply, Joey! It's good to know it. --PTecza

Bug when toggling in a preview page

Using toggle directives in a list item

Take this code snippet.

* <a class="toggle" href="#plugins-toggle-discussion.test">test</a>
  [[!toggleable id="test text="""toggle"""]]

In the HTML-output the ul and div overlap.

<div id="content">
<li><a class="toggle" href="#test.test">test</a>
<div class="toggleable" id="test.-test"></li>




Fixing this manually the Javascript seems not to be working and toggle is shown unconditionally.

I do not know if this is due to shortcomming with nested preprocessor directives you mentioned in the beginning of this page. Maybe a note could be added to the main page of the plugin. --Paul