I guess the reason I never thought to write this is when I put a .txt file in ikiwiki, I'm happy enough to see it copied through unchanged.

I guess the advantage of using this plugin is that you get the page wrapper around the preformatted text, and could even inline such a page.

There is not currently a good way to turn off some processing steps for some page types. It's either all or nothing. The patch in format escape might allow a formatter to register its own special version of htmllink that didn't do anything, but would that be enough?


Here is an alternate approach. It encodes entities using a filter hook, before wikilinks are linkified. So wikilinks turn up as links. It also uses URI::Find to turn URIs into links.

I'm not very familiar with Perl, so this code could be improved.


I like this approach! It sidesteps the annoying problem, and it actually makes the .txt format genuinely wiki-like, by allowing wikilinks and preprocessor directices.

The only thing I am not sure about is the conversion of external urls to hyperlinks.

Can you please add a copyright/license statemnt to the top of the plugin? If you do, I'll add it to ikiwiki. Thanks! --Joey

I've added copyright and license (GPLv2 or later). --Gabriel