I've tried to retrieve the wmd-editor source tarball lately, but the site seems offline.

From what I've read on the Internet, wmd-editor is not (yet?) free software by itself, and its author has gone MIA. But it looks like somebody recently took the step to rewrite a wmd-clone under a saner license, see pagedown.

Given all the above, what about upgrading this plugin to use pagedown instead of wmd? It seem a clear win to me... --(unsigned)

I have moved that conversation to the pagedown plugin todo discussion page, which now actually has an implementation now, and is free! --anarcat

Other conversations:

I've got pagedown working on my personal site (simon.kisikew.org) but I'm not sure how I can inject the relevant <div>'s in the right place. They need to go above the editing <textarea> . (Too bad about the licensing, it's rather nice.) I had to do one minor change to it to have it inject itself into the page properly, and that was to make this change in Markdown.Editor.js:

this.input = doc.getElementById("editcontent" + postfix);

on line 247. --simonraven

Well, I re-figured out that I needed a TMPL_VAR FOO in the template(s). --simonraven

https://code.google.com/archive/p/pagedown/ is 404, https://github.com/edrohler/pagedown-core claims to be its copy but it does not have 'wmd' directory inside. What are the current steps to follow here? --svetlana