What directory is the 'working copy'? There can be two interpretations: the current dir and the .git dir.

It is fairly common terminology amoung all version control systems to use "working copy" to refer to a checkout from version control, including copies of all the versioned files, and whatever VCS-specific cruft that entails. So, a working copy is everything you get when you git clone a repository. --Joey

The page says "Note that this file should not be put in your wiki's directory with the rest of the files." Why is that?

One possible thing is security: Is it just a precaution or would anyone with "write" access to wiki be able to replace the file?


Anyone with the ability to delete/replace attachments via the web UI, or the ability to commit directly to the VCS, would be able to replace it. That breaks ikiwiki's security model, because replacing the setup file is sufficient to achieve arbitrary code execution as the user running the CGI and VCS hooks. --smcv

Thanks. After all found it here: security. Now I wonder if I always use a file from the master branch, while limiting users to staging, it might fly...