Suggestions for multi-language links

Sites like Wikipedia have different URLs for each language. The shortcut for Wikipedia !wikipedia points to which is the English version.

Do you have a suggestion on how to make that shortcut also be used to point to a different language.

  1. The option to just adapt the shortcut (s/en/de/) is quite cumbersome for non English speakers and also has the disadvantage of always updating the shortcut links manually after each modification in the upstream ikiwiki shortcut list to stay in sync.
  2. Adding an extra shortcut for every language, e. g. !wikipediade, with for example the country TLD in it is an option but would make the shortcut list quite big.
  3. Adding a lang parameter comes also to my mind, but I do not know how feasible that is.

Thanks. --?PaulePanter

Does anyone have an opinion on the shortcuts for google/wikipedia pointing at the HTTPS services? Introduced by an edit by Paul Panter. Personally, I think they should be separate shortcut keys. Most of my google/WP usage is such that I would prefer it over HTTP (faster, less resource usage at client side). However, I never use the shortcuts feature in ikiwiki anyway... -- Jon

I have been trying to decide what to do about that Jon. https links are painful for me (dialup). This really needs to be fixed at a lower level in the web than ikiwiki though, and I understand the push for https. --Joey