Here's a simple way to create pages in which the page body (or a part of it) goes right-to-left. This includes things you insert into the page, such as polls and blockquotes and lists and a progress bar and so on. Some things don't work perfectly, but if you want to have some RTL pages in your wiki, this will probably do.

It does not modify the things around the body, such as the page header and the footer. Only what is rendered from the mdwn file is affected.

1 Add an RTL Template

Create a new template page templates/rtl.mdwn with the following content:

<div dir="rtl">
<TMPL_VAR text>
Use this template to insert RTL text into a page. 
This template has one parameter:
<li>`text` - the text to display in RTL

2 Use the Template

To make a page or part of it RTL, use the template directive:

[[!template  id="rtl" text="""

This text will be aligned to the right. You can write here in Hebrew, Arabic, etc. You can
put here anything you want to put on the page. As said above, some elements may not
align perfectly, but:

1. It can be solved per case
2. It's not critical, everything works quite well and is readable. If you have any comments,
    suggestions, improvements, bugs, etc - please share here :-)