If you use twitter or identi.ca, here's how to make a box on the side of your blog that holds your recent status updates from there, like I have on my blog --Joey

  • Enable the aggregate plugin, and set up a cron job for it.
  • At the top of your blog's page, add something like the following. You'll want to change the urls of course. Be sure to also change the inline directive's ?PageSpec to link to the location the feed is aggregated to, which will be a subpage of the page you put this on (blog in this example):

    [[!template id=note text="""
    [[!aggregate expirecount=5 name="dents" url="http://identi.ca/joeyh"
    [[!inline pages="internal(./blog/dents/*)" template=microblog show=5 feeds=no]] """]]

  • To filter out @-replies, append "and !@" to the PageSpec. The same technique can be used for other filtering.

Note: Works best with ikiwiki 3.10 or better.