Alt explanation/instructions

For whatever reason, I found the info on the dot cgi page very confusing. The instructions on were a lot easier to follow, and ultimately got me over the ubuntu-apache hump.

Following this method the wiki won't be at the same url, it will be at localhost/wiki_name

warning: lighttpd only or both?

Is your warning at the bottom (you don't know how secure it is) only about lighttpd or it's about apache2 configuration as well?

The latter. (Although I don't know why using lighttpd would lead to any additional security exposure anyway.) --Joey

I'm asking this because right now I want to setup an httpd solely for the public use of ikiwiki on a general purpose computer (there are other things there), and so I need to choose the more secure solution. --Ivan Z.

AFAIU, my main simplest security measure should be running the public ikiwiki's cgi under a special user, but then: how do I push to the repo owned by that other user? I see, probably I should setup the public wiki under the special user (so that it was able to create the cgi-script with the desired permission), and then give my personal user the required permissions to make a git-push by, say, creating a special Unix group for this.

Shouldn't there be a page here which would document a secure public and multi-user installation of ikiwiki (by "multi-user" I mean writable by a group of local Unix users)? If there isn't such yet, I started writing it with this discussion.--Ivan Z.

I see, perhaps a simpler setup would not make use of a Unix group, but simply allow pushing to the public wiki (kept under a special user) through git+ssh. --Ivan Z.

Yes, it's certianly possible to configure git (and svn, etc) repositories so that two users can both push to them. There should be plenty of docs out there about doing that.

The easiest way though is probably to add your ssh key to the special user's .ssh/authorized_keys and push that way. --Joey

apache2 - run from userdir

Followed instructions but couldn't get it right to run from user dir (running ubuntu jaunty),
Finally got it working once I've sym linked as follow (& restarted apache):
# ln -s ../mods-available/userdir.load .
# ln -s ../mods-available/userdir.conf .
# pwd