The ikiwiki-nav plugin for vim eases the editing of IkiWiki wikis, by letting you "follow" the wikilinks on your file (page), by loading the file associated with a given wikilink in vim. The plugin takes care of following the ikiwiki linking rules to figure out which file a wikilink points to

The plugin also includes commands (and mappings) to make the cursor jump to the previous/next wikilink in the current file

Jumping to pages

To open the file associated to a wikilink, place the cursor over its text, and hit Enter (<CR>). This functionality is also available through the :IkiJumpToPage command

Moving to next/previous wikilink in current file

Ctrl-j will move the cursor to the next wikilink. Ctrl-k will move it to the previous wikilink. This functionality is also available through the :IkiNextWikiLink command. This command takes one argument, the direction to move into

  • :IkiNextWikiLink 0 will look forward for the wikilink
  • :IkiNextWikiLink 1 will look backwards for the wikilink


Copy the ikiwiki_nav.vim file to your .vim/ftplugin directory.

Current issues:

  • The plugin only works for wikilinks contained in a single text line; multiline wikilinks are not (yet) seen as such


The official releases of the plugin are in the script page

Any feedback you can provide is appreciated; the contact details can be found inside the plugin