Remember gopher? Ikiwiki can be served up by this venerable protocol.

It's pretty simple to get it going. Just install pygopherd or another gopher server, and have ikiwiki put its pages where that server expects. For pygopherd, it was in /var/gopher.

When building the wiki, make sure to specify --no-usedirs (or equivilant in the setup file). Gopher doesn't convert "foo/" links into "foo/index.html", so usedirs won't work well with it; if usedirs is disabled, browsing through the wiki via gopher will work just fine.

Since AFAIK gopher has no equivilant to CGI, you'll need to keep a web server around for editing pages. If you do set up a cgi, make sure to configure url to something like gopher://hostname/h/, so that it links back properly to gopherspace from the CGI.

One unresolved problem: Style sheets are not loaded. The urls seem ok, but pygopherd seems to serve them in a form that doesn't work somehow. I have not invesitaged more, because a fully unstyled web page fits the retro gopher better anyhow.