I have tried gitorigin_branch: and it does not seem to work. I have to use gitorigin_branch: '' to literally set it to empty string to make it work. ?newton108

I have followed this idea along, and it seems to work pretty well. Now I have a question as a git newbie. Can I have the post-commit hook on the server use something like rsync to update the files on a third machine hosting the web server? The web server does not have git (cretins!). Of course I could just run a cron job.

Or, was this last remark about rebuilding after pulling meant to apply to rebuilding after pushing as well? DavidBremner

  • Updated Now that I play with this a bit, this seems not so important. Having a seperate sync operation that I run from the laptop is no big deal, and lets me update the parts of my site not yet managed by ikiwiki at the same time.

  • Ok, I have finally finished to set this up. I have a question for you :) Is it mandatory to have a locally running webserver on the laptop ? I mean, do I need to setup the CGI wrapper on the laptop ? Is it possible to just add/edit/delete/whatever, git commit all the stuff and git push back to the server ? Thank you. --?xma

Of course you don't need a web server on the laptop. It is useful for previewing pages before publishing them though. --Joey

I have followed this idea too, however after pushing to the server running gitk in the scrdir shows that the remotes/origin/master branch is newer than the master. Is this normal? Have I reset the master branch to remotes/origin/master then every time when someone pushed something (and run ikiwiki -setup afterwards?) ?Micheal

I like the idea of having some common configuration (let's say of plugins) in the server as well as on the laptop clone. In the ideal situations only some dir should be different (src, dest, lib, etc.) in the two setup files.

Managing two setup files (one for the server and one for the laptop) is however a pain since each time a change is made on the server (through websetup for instance) one has to manually integrated it (after being made aware of it) on the laptop setup file and vice-versa

One solution is to allow multiple use of --setup on the command line : the first is the main setup file (the one from the server, e.g. main.setup) and the second is the specificities of the laptop clone (e.g laptop.setup). In such a situation ikiwiki is called with ikiwiki --setup main.setup on the server and ikiwiki --setup main.setup --setup laptop.setup on the laptop (merging both configuration data in order).

This solution seems to work, but are there any bad side effects which I miss doing that (I thought that in IkiWiki code only one setupfile is keeped) ? --bbb

Unfortunatley that does not fully work, as soon as cgi_wrapper is defined in setup file since each time ikiwiki reads a setup file it adds (not replace) a wrapper in $config{wrappers}.

I am still trying to find an idea to share config data through server and laptop. --bbb