because of notifyemail fails with some openid providers, I have been struggling with finding ways of being notified of changes to pages I want to watch here.

the workaround I found so far was to join the #ikiwiki channel on freenode, and set the following "hilight" in irssi:

/hilight -channels #ikiwiki  -word tips/monitor_page_changes_through_IRC

this will watch for any change to this page. -- anarcat

hello anarcat, I'm editing your page! -- ?micah

obviously, the above assumes that the wiki is already configured to send notifications on IRC when commits are done through the git repository. there are multiple ways of doing that, which somewhat fall outside the scope of Ikiwiki itself, since you should really learn how to do this elsewhere. All you need to know is that the hook needs to be in repository.git/hooks/post-receive file.

there are basically two alternatives now:

  • KGB - a Perl script that has been running at Debian since 2009
  • irker - a Python script whipped up by ESR in the fall of (~2011), ignoring the existing KGB bot

KGB is harder to setup (tutorial), as it , but more reliable than irker, in my experience.

I built the irker plugin to automatically configure notifications with irker. I chose irker because it could be configured per wiki, without having to touch a central configuration as would be required for KGB.--anarcat

There is also a public service named Notifico that aims to replace the defunct but it still requires server-side software configuration, so I think it is worth it. Same for Pursuivant. There is also a plethora of commercial notification services which are obviously not covered here.

See also ikibot for another bot idea.