Version 3.0 of ikiwiki makes some significant changes, which you will need to deal with when upgrading from ikiwiki 2.x.

setup file format change

The layout of the setup file changed in a significant way in version 2.60 of ikiwiki. If you have not changed yours to the new format, now would be a good time to do so. Some new features, like the websetup interface, need the new format setup file.

You can convert old setup files into the new format by running ikiwiki-transition setupformat your.setup

moving settings from Preferences page

The admin preferences page used to have settings for allowed attachments, locked pages, and banned users. These three settings have moved to the setup file, and will no longer appear on the admin preferences page once your wiki is upgraded to 3.0.

You can move these preferences into the setup file by running ikiwiki-transition moveprefs your.setup; ikiwiki --setup your.setup --refresh --wrappers

(Make sure you have converted the setup file to the new format first.)

prefix directives

In 3.0, the syntax ikiwiki uses for directives has changed, requiring that the directive start with a bang:

[[!directive  ...]]

If you would like to keep the old syntax, it is still supported, add the following to your setup file:

prefix_directives => 0,

To convert to the new syntax, make sure that your setup file does not contain the above, then run ikiwiki-transition prefix_directives your.setup

(And then commit the changes it makes to pages in your srcdir.)


In 3.0, the old "GlobList" syntax for PageSpecs is no longer supported. A GlobList contains multiple terms, but does not separate them with "and" or "or":

sandbox !*/Discussion

To convert this to a modern PageSpec, simply add "and" or "or" as appropriate between terms:

sandbox and !*/Discussion

GlobLists have been deprecated for more than two years. If your wiki dates to the ikiwiki 1.0 era, you should check it for any that might have lurked unnoticed in it since back then. Ikiwiki version 2.72 will print warnings about any GlobLists it sees.


If your wiki uses the aggregate plugin, it will start to aggregate feeds to special "internal" pages.

If you don't want this change, you can add the following to your setup file:

aggregateinternal => 0,

Otherwise, follow this procedure to upgrade a wiki using the aggregate plugin:

  1. Update all PageSpecs that refer to the aggregated pages -- such as those in inlines. Put "internal()" around globs in those PageSpecs. For example, if the PageSpec was foo/*, it should be changed to internal(foo/*). This has to be done because internal pages are not matched by regular globs.
  2. Use ikiwiki-transition to rename all existing aggregated .html files in the srcdir. The command to run is ikiwiki-transition aggregateinternal your.setup,
  3. Refresh the wiki. (ikiwiki --setup your.setup --refresh)

embed / googlecalendar

The googlecalendar plugin has been deprecated for a long time, and is removed in 3.0.

The embed plugin is also now deprecated, though not yet removed.

If you use either plugin to embed content from google, youtube, etc, into your wiki, you should instead configure the htmlscrubber to skip sanitising some pages, via the htmlscrubber_skip setting. See embedding content for examples.