In our team internal wiki, we wish to impose a policy that all edits must have a comment. Patch in Debian bug #450620.

Good idea! I also hate empty commit comments, but I know that it's also a matter of human mentality. Of course, you can forbid users to commit empty comments, but then they can commit so worthless comments like "*" or "* blah". --Paweł

I don't feel this belongs in ikiwiki core, but would accept a plugin that does it. I think that can be done using a formbuilder_setup hook. BTW, it wuld probably be better to validate against a comment_regexp, so that when the evil admins notice that /.+/ is absurdly easy for users to get around (by using " "), they can tighten it down. --Joey

Sorry for being dense, but I don't see a way to modify the template from within a plugin, without providing a whole new template for editform, which obviously isn't a workable solution. If the template was modified to allow overriding the portion of the message in question, then I agree that a plugin couuld do the rest. Thoughts appreciated :) --Dom

Yes, modifying the template is ok. --Joey