Is there any current thought of reworking ikiwiki CGI using any of the suggested CGI::Alternatives in response to the official deprecation of

Or is it just a matter of 'hold course until rewrite ikiwiki in haskell'?

I don't know whether Joey has any plans in this direction, but CGI, CGI::Session and CGI::FormBuilder are all documented to be part of the plugin API so in the short term, I don't think anything is going to change. If someone works out a way to do equivalent hooks nicely in a different framework, that would have to be IkiWiki 4.

I'm not sure how much IkiWiki would stand to gain from moving to a more extensive web framework: it doesn't do elaborate URL routing like most webapps, because it produces static HTML for as much of its content as possible anyway. --smcv

One reason for such a change (although a rewrite in haskell is a little drastic, and overlaps with "gitit") would be to allow ikiwiki to run as a shared thread under FastCGI or mod_perl, instead of forking all the time for every new user. The discussion for this is in fastcgi or modperl installation instructions and multi-thread ikiwiki.

Also right now, there are serious lock contention issues in ikiwiki: any ?do= action in the CGI is under a global lock right now (lockwiki()), for example, which makes scaling ikiwiki to multiple editing users a significant problem. I have seen such contention as a user on this wiki but mostly on the git-annex wiki.

I, for one, would be happy to see some improvements in this area... --anarcat

That would be a rewrite, in whatever language: IkiWiki assumes that global state is OK, and I don't think keeping existing APIs or plugins working unmodified when that changes would be feasible.

It isn't on my to-do list, put it that way. --smcv

I'm on a thin pipe, but IIRC is simply no longer going to be bundled with Perl core, and is not deprecated in any other way. Just old, and now an explicit dependency. I may be wrong. --schmonz

Yeah, that's what perldelta says. Also, in Debian, the future is already here: perl-modules Recommends libcgi-pm-perl, and libcgi-pm-perl comes before the bundled copy in the search path, so I'm already testing against an unbundled, and I suspect Joey is too. --smcv