Please consider providing a plugin for BrowserID authentication, preferably enabled by default.

Some additional information on BrowserID:

I would like to see BrowserID offered as a signin option in ikiwiki right next to the buttons for common openid providers.

As far as implementing it goes, I don't want to rely on This means that include.js needs to be shipped with ikiwiki (or in a dependency in a sane world).

And it means that relying on a https connection to to verify the user's identity assertion token is out. (Well, it's probably out anyway, since it relies on https CA security as the only security in that part of the protocol.)

This seems to need an implementation, in perl or an externally callable program (haskell would be fine ;), of --Joey

BrowserID, or Mobilla Persona, is shutting down with 30th of November 2016. Seen at --leg

The successor to Persona seems to be Portier, which is based on OpenID connect. --anarcat