inline, with the archive option, shows only page titles and post dates. I'd like an option to omit the post dates as well, leaving only the page titles. Such an option would streamline the users page, for instance. --JoshTriplett

Yes, indeed, something like "compact" mode would be useful. In fact, this would be better handled with a replacement of the "archive" on/off API with something like mode = normal|archive|compact|.... defaulting to normal --hb

You also don't need to be restricted to a fixed set of modes: the mode parameter could simply specify the template to be used: inlinepage-$mode.tmpl. For producing e.g. bulleted lists of the entries, some extra container template would be useful in addition to that...

In a related note, I'd like an option to include the creation date on some non-inlined pages too. I suppose that's doable with some template hook in a plugin, and a command-line parameter pagespec (suffices for me), but I haven't got around to that yet. --?tuomov

Customised templates can now be specified with the templates parameter, so done --Joey

That definitely solves this problem in general; thanks!

For this specific case, I'd still like to see a titleonly.tmpl template included by default. How about this simple template, based on archivepage.tmpl?

<p><a href="<TMPL_VAR PAGEURL>"><TMPL_VAR TITLE></a></p>